Assistant Instructor

Imagine you work on an intergalactic space training station. Each day you excite and challenge kids who are artists, builders, explorers, and dreamers of universes we don’t yet know. You feel like the luckiest person in the world because through these kids you reach a piece of that unknown. Every single one of them comes into your station with different ideas and needs. It doesn’t matter to you how many questions you answer, attempts you make, or reluctant faces you soften to smiles as long as you feel you’ve helped achieve every kid’s vision. You find yourself musing about what you’ll work on together next even when you’re off-duty.

About Codeverse

Codeverse™ is the world's first fully interactive coding school and educational tech platform built for kids. Our mission? To teach a billion kids to code!

Our fully interactive studio is packed with cutting-edge technology ranging from robot arms, to 3D printers, to concert lights and speakers. The studio offers after school and weekend classes as well as weeklong Spring, Summer, and Winter camps.

We’ve built engaging curriculum and intuitive tools (including a super cool, real programming language called KidScript!) to make learning to code approachable, fun, and rewarding.

Coding is much more than computer programming or computer science. We define Coding as a broader framework for thinking, collaborating, and creating.

Class Structure

Codeverse offers daily after school and weekend classes for kids from 1st through 8th grade. Each 75-minute class offers kids coding opportunities in KidScript using iPads and iMacs as well as interaction with studio tech and robotics. Kids learn through exploring missions (tutorials) as well as building open-ended projects and games.

During classes, you must act as their guide and motivate kids to immerse themselves in the Codeverse curriculum. Instructors have real-time visibility into the work of each student to help engage students based on their unique learning style and pace.

Camp Structure

Codeverse offers weeklong camp sessions all summer and throughout school year breaks for kids from 1st to 8th grade. Much like the classes, the camps are meant to introduce kids to the concepts of coding as well as give them an opportunity to explore the tech in the studio. Camps run from 9AM to 3PM with additional early drop-off and late pickup hours. Each camp session has up to 30 kids.

What You’ll Do

At Codeverse, one of our top priorities is creating an amazing classroom experience for the kids in our studio. Every child that walks into a Codeverse class or camp should feel inspired to create, motivated to learn, and empowered to challenge themselves. You will play a critical role in ensuring this happens at each class by:

  • Bringing energy and enthusiasm to every class
  • Supporting the instructor team (which consists of a Class Captain, Instructors, and other Assistant Instructors) by completing tasks assigned by the Class Captain
  • Ensuring a safe and inspirational classroom environment which gives kids the confidence to explore on their own, to break and rebuild, and to learn by doing
  • Encouraging kids to test their own ideas, create freely, and share the results with others
  • Using phrases, choreographed movements and rehearsed scripts to direct the class experience and embody the Codeverse brand
  • Diligently follow all processes and protocols as defined by Codeverse
  • Anything and everything which helps ensure the safety and happiness of kids and parents, and the smooth execution of each class experience

What We’re Looking For

Codeverse is looking to hire instructors that will be teachers, ambassadors, and co-creators of the magic that is Codeverse.

The ideal instructor:

  • Believes children are full of creative potential
  • Is excited and able to adapt to unique learning styles
  • Builds long-lasting relationships with kids, families, and teammates
  • Habitually expresses positive affirmation, joy, and caring
  • Proactively and constructively raises ideas
  • Is adaptable when faced with frequent changes
  • Is eager to learn from teammates with a variety of diverse experiences
  • Has experience with or desire to learn classroom and behavior management
  • Has a desire to gain mastery of new concepts and unfamiliar technology
  • Will be an excellent role model and mentor for students
  • Wants a role with Codeverse to be much more than a job

Finally, you might think that you need to be a computer scientist or coder to work at Codeverse. While it is a plus, prior experience is not required!


We place a tremendous value on creating the best experience for our customers and the instructors in our studio will be on the front lines every day. Codeverse training and experimentation is ongoing, but begins with a comprehensive curriculum that includes:

  • KidScript and the Codeverse platform
  • Safety, first aid, and security
  • Interpersonal, emotional, and behavioral practices
  • Educational methods which include a focus on working with students who have special needs


Assistant Instructors will be paid an hourly rate.

Job Requirements

  • A degree in or currently enrolled in a program for Education (or related field) or Computer Science (or related field)
  • Must be a US citizen, hold a US Resident Alien card, or possess a valid US work permit
  • Must pass a background check and drug test

How To Apply?

Submit an application online at