Instructor Role

About Codeverse

Codeverse™ is the world's first fully interactive coding school and educational tech platform that teaches kids to code. Our mission: Teach a billion kids to code.

Codeverse is built with engaging and intuitive tools to make learning code approachable and fun, and most of all, rewarding. The self-guided curriculum is designed for learners as young as 6 and introduces all the foundations of computer programming while incorporating core subject areas including art, history, science, and math.

The curriculum teaches kids how to code in a proprietary language known as KidScript, the world’s first programming language designed from the ground up specifically for kids.

Class Structure

Codeverse offers weekly sessions for kids from 1st to 8th grade. Each 75-minute session will teach kids how to code in KidScript using iPads and will give them the opportunity to interact with a range of cutting-edge tech from 3D printers to robots to programmable lights.

During each session, each student will use their own iPad to complete lessons using the existing Codeverse curriculum with teachers and assistants providing guidance and support when necessary. Teachers and assistants will each have their own iPad which will give them real-time visibility into the work of each student, so they can easily identify which students need help and when.

Classroom sessions are offered 2x per day on weekdays between 4pm and 7:15pm and 7x per day on weekends from 8am to 8:15pm with breaks between sessions. Teachers will have the flexibility to work shifts after school on weekdays or half-day shifts on weekends and week long camps in the summer..

Each class will have up to 30 kids and will have a 10:1 student to instructor ratio (two teachers who are supported by at least one teaching assistant).

Lead Instructor Role

Codeverse is looking to hire teachers that will serve as both instructors and mentors to students. You’ll be both teacher and guide in the magic that is Codeverse.

The ideal teacher:

  • Is a certified classroom teacher with 2+ years of experience (grades 1-8 preferred)
  • Is excited to learn about and engage with new technology
  • Is high energy and enthusiastic about working with kids
  • Will be an excellent role model and mentor for students
  • Is great communicator and can speak to both kids and adults
  • Is flexible and knows how to think on their feet
  • Enjoys being part of a team
  • Is open to the startup mentality

Some prior experience with computer science or coding is a plus but is not required as all teachers will be trained on how to use the platform.

Minimal outside prep work will be required as the curriculum is built into the platform.

Job Requirements

  • At least 22 years of age
  • Teaching/Education or Coding Degree
  • Must be a US citizen, hold a US Resident Alien card, or possess a valid US work permit
  • Must pass a background check and drug test